A sales-driven marketing company that happens to sell alcohol. 6DM is committed to help our customers uplift their beer product offerings to the increasingly discerning beer consumer.

We are exclusively appointed and supported by the following principals:

Molson Coors Beverages, Carlow Brewing, C&C Magners, Lionco, Stoli Group and Vantguard.


Please chat with us at 6766 6887 or [email protected] for any partnership inquiries

Our History

Established since 2002, 6DM is predominantly a beer distribution company that was initially named ‘6 Drunk Men’ by its founder, Adrian Sim. The name was meant to be tongue-in-cheek as the environment was very subdued due to an ongoing recession and Adrian wanted something light-hearted and easily remembered.

The company made its debut in Singapore’s Food & Beverage industry with its success in distributing an alcoholic soda SUB ZERO in its early years.

Passion runs deep in our veins at 6DM. We believe in quality and professionalism. Our draught offering and quality has won 6DM numerous accolades 

6DM is now poised to fully capitalize on the premiumization of the Singapore beer market.

The Team

A mix of experience and exuberance. Also, a supporter of equal opportunity with a strict non-discriminatory policy, 6DM has within its employ, a diverse range of backgrounds that are highly motivated and cohesive.   

The team at 6DM interact within an open concept office with designated social areas to promote the exchange of ideas and create new channels of interaction.

We are a market facing, brand led and self-refreshing organization, committed to recognize, retain and advance our top talents. Our company personifies “Singaporean” pride and diversity with an all-embracing culture built on great brands, great people and rock-solid values…

Our people are our enduring and endearing advantage.

Accountability is clear and personal.

We work to win in teams.

We understand and respect our customers and consumers.

Our reputation is indivisible.

Our Vision

To be Singapore’s leading beer distributor for Super Premium and Premium beer brands

Our Mission

To own and nurture international beer brands which are the first choice of the consumer

Our Belief

Long-term relationships for internal and external customers, honesty, tenacity, perseverance, focus and mostly respect for everyone in touch with the company.

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